Update for 4/14/20

This update is brief. We are still offering the $10 for all follow ups for unemployed folks and our fee schedule is still $20-40 for everyone else. The only other change we've made so far is to add filters to the fans we have running in the treatment space. Not pretty at all but functional and should help keep the air inside cleaner. We are opening more hours starting next week and if people start coming in on their regular schedules we will have to manage the time folks are resting. But we're playing that by ear still. We hope all of you are safe

Update for 3/31/20

We apologize for how rapidly we have made schedule changes. We're trying to find the balance between helping our community and the necessities of running a business. Due to low attendance we're closing Saturdays for the time being. We will be open Tuesdays from 1-3p. We are still running 6 chairs only, at least 6 feet apart, wiping down all surfaces, and asking that you wash your hands before sitting down. You can read below for all the changes we have made. And please remember that we have $10 follow up treatments for all unemployed and our sliding scale for follow up treatments is $20-40, no questions asked. Be safe all.

Update for 3/23/20

We are now under stricter distancing orders and so have made additional changes to our operations. 

  • We have removed 2 chairs from rotation, allowing 6 feet of distance between chairs. As a result we will have to manage the treatment time more; depending on how full the schedule is you will have shorter treatments. 

  • You will not be asked to sign in at the front desk. 

  • We would greatly appreciate cash payments at this time. It reduces the need to wipe down the phone used for credit card payments and allows us to keep more of the funds in-house, giving us greater flexibility with our sliding scale. 

  • We will also be lowering the bottom end of the sliding scale to $20-40, with $10 treatments available to unemployed folks again.

  • During this “safer-at-home” period, we will open only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Please check the main website, scheduling website, and outgoing voicemail message to stay up to date on additional schedule changes. 


We also ask that you:

  • Wash your hands before sitting down for your treatment

  • Please STAY HOME if you have the following:

    • a cough (even if it’s due to allergies). It will be difficult for those around you to know you’re not contagious and feel safe.

    • a fever, cough, feel sick, or have flu-like symptoms. 

  • Please call your medical provider’s office before showing up in order to allow them to prepare for your arrival or direct you to appropriate facilities.


These are going to be rough times for many. We will be here as long as we can, and always working to provide a safe environment for you all. Please contact us via email or phone if you have any questions or concerns. Be safe all of you.

Update for 3/17/20

Due to the speed with which information is changing we have decided to close the office at least until Saturday, 3/21/20. Hopefully that gives us time to get a better sense of what work needs to be done and how to do it safely. Currently we are planning to remove at least 1 chair from rotation to create more space between patients. Due to the lower capacity we may also have to limit how long people rest. Nothing is solidly planned for now but these are the most immediate changes that could be coming once we start operating again. Please check in on Sunday, 3/22/20 for another update. Be safe everyone.

This is a long but important update. Please read through until the end.

Updated 3/13/20

With the governor’s new recommendations regarding limiting gatherings and social distancing we’d like to explain what we’re doing here as a community acupuncture office to minimize risk of infection. We are well under the 250 person upper limit for a gathering, and under the 10 person limit for those with higher-risk for severe illness as long as people accompanying the patient minimize the time spent in office. 

  • We ask that those accompanying the patient remain in their cars for the bulk of the treatment time to keep the number of people in office low.

  • We have adjusted all the chairs to be at least 6 feet apart between headrests at the centers of the chairs. We do not have enough space to ensure 6 feet of distance between handrests.

  • We are wiping down all high-contact hard surfaces more frequently with disinfectant and alcohol. 

  • All chair mats continue to be wiped down between patients. All chair mats, sheets, and blankets are being washed more frequently.

  • We ask that if you have a fever, are frequently coughing, or need to frequently blow your nose that you NOT COME IN FOR A TREATMENT. We know that not all coughs or runny noses are contagious and so we have masks available in the waiting area just as you come into the hallway.


Per government agencies we must all work to minimize the risk of spreading. Thank you to all of you who over the years have protected the community and the safety of this office by keeping yourselves home when you feel sick or worry about being contagious to others. We’re monitoring the situation as it develops and will update our operations accordingly. Depending on attendance we may have to modify hours or days. So please make sure to check availability via the scheduling website, the main website, or the outgoing voicemail message. Thank you again to all of you and be safe.​

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